Safe Driving in High Winds

In windy weather, sudden gusts can unbalance vehicles unexpectedly, testing the abilities of even the most experienced motorists. Here's what to do when you're next driving in high winds to help you stay safe.

Be prepared at the wheel

A strong gust of wind can blow your vehicle off course, so to stay in control keep both hands on the wheel, especially if you are on exposed roads or passing a high-sided vehicle. You should also keep a close eye on speed, as it's harder to get your vehicle back under control if you're travelling fast.

Be observant of other motorists

While careful attention should be paid to your own actions on the road, it's also vital to be aware of those around you and how they will be affected. Lorries, vans and other tall vehicles are more likely to veer off course in windy conditions, so you should always keep your distance from them and only attempt to overtake if you really need to.

Should you break down in blustery weather, it's much safer to wait for assistance away from your vehicle rather than in it, as there's more chance of another motorist being blown into your path.

Keep an eye out for debris

Branches and other debris are a common sight on the road in strong wind, so look out for anything that could cause damage to your vehicle. This means driving slowly around bends and keeping vigilant on country roads which may not have been cleared yet.

Think: is this journey necessary?

The only way to completely avoid the hazards of driving in windy conditions is to avoid the road altogether. It's worth considering whether you actually need to take a planned journey, or if it can wait until a storm clears.

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