Overview We feature a wide range of vehicles produced by Hyundai, Suzuki and BYD, each of which produces eco-friendly electric and hybrid models that deliver everyday driving affordability.
Benefits of going Electric / Hybrid find out how this can make life easier for you There are many advantages to driving electric and, as a Motability customer, you too can benefit from the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.
    Charging Support If you use your qualifying disability allowance to lease a brand-new EV, we’ll arrange and cover the cost of standard installation of a home chargepoint. If your home set-up doesn’t support EV charging, we’ll provide you with access to the bp pulse network of more than 9,000 public charge points.
    A choice for everyone Not all electric cars are alike, which means you get to choose your ideal electric Motability vehicle. For instance, while the compact yet practical BYD Dolphin is ideal for the city, it’s also able to travel up to 265 miles on a single charge.
    Cheaper running costs EVs are the most affordable type of electric car to run because the cost of charging is lower than the price of fuel. Even a plug-in hybrid is more economical than a regular combustion-engined vehicle because it delivers considerably more miles to the gallon.
    Electric/Hybrid Vehicles available on Motability. view our range of Suzuki, BYD and Hyundai electric/hybrid vehicles Here at Sturgess BYD, Hyundai and Suzuki, we have the best electric cars on Motability.
    FAQs. Here at Sturgess BYD, Hyundai and Suzuki, we have the best electric cars on Motability.

    Can I get a home chargepoint on the Motability Scheme?


    Yes, if you select an electric vehicle on Motability.

    Do I need to give my home chargepoint back at the end of my lease?


    No. When your lease ends, the Motability electric car charger is yours to keep.

    I have a problem with my home chargepoint. What do I do?


    If you have any issues with your home chargepoint, please contact us, and there’s no need to worry because it’s covered by a three-year warranty.

    What's the difference between a tethered and untethered chargepoint?

    • Tethered – A chargepoint with a charging cable that’s permanently attached.
    • Untethered – A chargepoint that allows you to connect your own charging cable.

    Can I have a home chargepoint fitted and get access to the bp pulse network?


    No, it’s one or the other:

    • If you can park your car next to your home (in the driveway or garage, for example), you should be able to have a chargepoint installed
    • If you don’t benefit from off-street parking (or you’re unable to have a home chargepoint fitted), we’ll provide you with a free subscription to the bp pulse network

    Can I get a solar-compatible home chargepoint?


    You can, but as this isn’t counted as a standard installation, you’ll need to cover the extra cost yourself.