What is PCH?

What is Personal Contract Hire?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a form of long-term lease. You enter into this agreement with the intention of handing back your car and picking a new model at the end of the contract.

Is this plan right for me?

You should consider PCH if you want to upgrade to a new model frequently and also want to avoid the commitment of owning a car outright.

How PCH works

  • Pick your preferred model.
  • Decide the initial payment, length of the agreement and mileage limit.
  • Pay a fixed monthly fee for the length of the plan.
  • When the contract comes to an end you can either back the keys and walk away or choose a new model and sign up for a new PCH lease.

Why choose PCH?

  • Lower monthly payments compared to other plans such as Hire Purchase (HP)
  • Flexibility to drive a brand new car more often
  • Avoid the commitment of owning a car outright
  • Freedom to decide the terms of your plan.


  • Think carefully before deciding the annual mileage limit, as there will be a charge for each mile driven above the limit
  • You will not have the option to own your car once the agreement finishes

Make your enquiry

Get in touch with your closest Sturgess dealership to talk to one of our financial specialists about your own PCH agreement. We will explain the terms in full and help you to design a personalised plan that is the right fit for your budget and circumstances. 

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