Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

Electric vehicle charging couldn’t be simpler!

Electric vehicle (EV) charging involves replenishing an EV’s battery by connecting it to a power source. Essential for the operation of EVs, this process promotes sustainable and eco-friendly motoring. Charging stations vary in speed and availability, allowing users to power up their vehicles conveniently on the road, at home or at work.


Public chargers: Charging out and about

EV owners across the UK can tap into an expanding network of public charging stations. Rapid chargers are available at motorway services, supermarkets and local car parks. These access points provide convenient and quick top-ups for long and short journeys alike.

From home: Regular access to charging

For home EV charging, choose between standard Level 1 chargers, which plug into regular three-pin outlets, and faster Level 2 chargers, which require professional installation. Both options provide convenient overnight charging, ensuring your vehicle is fully charged and ready each morning.

From work: Occasional access to charging

Workplace chargepoints provide convenient and flexible occasional charging solutions, enabling you to recharge your EV during your shift. This helps alleviate range anxiety, ensuring your car is prepared for the homeward journey.

How to charge?

Charging options explored

EV owners can charge their vehicles using home chargers (Level 1 and Level 2), public stations with rapid socketed or tethered options, and workplace chargepoints. This means that flexible and convenient recharging solutions are available for all needs.

How Fast?​

How fast can chargers be?​

How long will my vehicle take to fully charge?

The time it will take to charge your EV will depend on the charging solution used. Home charging with a standard three-pin outlet takes approximately 8 to 10 hours, while a dedicated home charger takes roughly 3 to 4 hours. Public Level 2 chargers typically take 3 to 8 hours. Fast chargers (DC fast charging) can charge an EV to 80% in around 30 to 60 minutes, offering the quickest solution.

To estimate your EV’s charging time, use this simple formula:

Battery capacity ÷ charging power = charge time

Let’s take the Hyundai Kona Electric as an example…

48.4 kWh battery 50 kW charger 58 minutes to charge (approx.)

90kwh Battery
50kwh Charger
2 Hours to charge
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