Electric & Hybrid Vehicles at Sturgess Motor Group

Fully electric cars may be the final step in low-emissions transport, but in 2019 hybrid cars are proving an increasingly popular halfway house. Dual-energy vehicles are growing in popularity and can be a clever way to bridge the gap between internal combustion engines and fully electric cars. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and run an electric vehicle (EV), then the chances are a hybrid or plug-in car could be just the stepping stone you need.

Why? Because a hybrid car is an electric car, of sorts - just one that relies on an additional petrol or diesel engine to do some or most of the propulsion. As such, you’ll always have a get-you-home mode that sidesteps the range anxiety and high purchase price of a pure EV, yet may still qualify for cheaper company car tax, annual VED bills, ultra-low emissions zone (LEZ) charges and Congestion Charge tolls - especially if you live in London, where these charges are being pioneered.

At Sturgess Motor Group our range of electric and Hybrid vehicles are growing. We currently have a range of models from our represented brands including Hyundai.

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