Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Motability Scheme

 At Sturgess of Leicester we are delighted to offer our full commitment and support to the Motability Scheme across Leicestershire and we have experienced, highly-trained specialists who can help you at every stage of your car purchase. Here we look at the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is part of the government's welfare reform programme and designed to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Like DLA, PIP is for disabled people between 16 and 64 and like DLA it can be used to pay for your vehicle lease. There are two component parts to the new Payment, called 'Daily Living' and 'Mobility', with each component offering two payment rates called 'standard' and 'enhanced'. It is the enhanced element of the Mobility Component that you can use to lease your choice of Motability vehicle with PIP.

Are you eligible?

The eligibility criteria for PIP are slightly different from DLA – still very much about assessing your ability to carry out a range of routine activities – but this means you won't automatically be entitled. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will invite you to claim for the new type of payment at some point before 2018 and then decide exactly how much PIP you will receive. When the DWP asks you to apply, you will need to do so within four weeks.

PIP and Motability

Motability will work with PIP in much the same way that it currently does with DLA. This means that the scheme will still lease cars and other vehicles to people who receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA, the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, a War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement or the Armed Forces Independence Payment. If you currently receive DLA and are awarded the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, your Mobility Lease will simply transfer seamlessly to the new scheme.

To discuss PIP and explore your Motability options at Sturgess Leicester, please get in touch with our specialist team today. 

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