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Why Go Electric? If you're thinking about making a change on your driveway for the first time in about 10 years, you now have more options than you would've had last time you were car shopping.

The Suzuki Hybrid and Electric Range

Here at Sturgess Motor Group, we’re pleased to be able to offer the very latest electric and hybrid vehicles from Suzuki. Affordable to run and efficient in performance, each model embraces the finest engineering technology around.


    The benefits of buying electric

    Switching over electric and hybrid power not only enables you to limit your CO2 emissions and have a less harmful impact on the environment, but also provides you with the chance to enjoy better running costs and improved performance. With self-charging technology from Suzuki, your vehicle will enjoy an added boost of power, meaning overcoming challenges is easier than ever and fuel economy is greatly enhanced.

    Key benefits

    • Greater power delivery
    • Improved fuel economy
    • Reduced running costs
    • Lower CO2 emissions


      Plug-in Hybrid

      Plug-ins work similar to a standard hybrid vehicle, but due to the higher capacity battery, users can enjoy extended fully electric driving when travelling short distances. A benefit of a plug-in hybrid is that even when the battery is not charged, the vehicle will still work as a conventional hybrid.


      The two power sources that make up a Hybrid vehicle is a standard combustion engine alongside a battery-powered motor. The benefits of having both is that the engine will automatically switch between the two engines to improve your fuel economy.


      Read below some of the most frequently asked questions at Sturgess Suzuki. Still got questions?


      How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?


      This is something that is still unclear however most hybrid batteries last for the lifetime of the car!

      Can the hybrid battery be recycled?


      Yes, your local authorised service centre will remove and recycle your battery safely, in the case of a new one being needed.

      What is a Hybrid?


      A hybrid car uses two power trains - a petrol engine that works in tandem with a battery-powered electric motor. A hybrid vehicle is also known as a PHEV (Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

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