Five dangerous driving habits to break

While we are always committed to helping our customers enjoy safe motoring, we are particularly keen to share some driving tips to help you through.

1. Eyes on the road

There are many potential distractions for drivers, whether its nattering co-passengers or media devices, such as smartphones. Concentration is vital. No matter what, always keep your attention focused on the road ahead – and if you must operate your phone, be sure to do so hands-free.

2. Watch your speed

This is even more important when road surfaces are wet, slippery or both. It’s never worth risking a collision just to shave a few minutes off a car journey. Setting off earlier and reducing your speed according to weather conditions will help you arrive at your destination safely. Find out more about the tips on driving in snow here.

3. Mind the gap

This goes hand-in-hand with your speed. Always leave plenty of time for braking to avoid rear-end collisions. By sticking to a two-second rule, you should ensure enough time to decelerate and/or brake. When it comes to stopping completely, always make sure that you can see the rear tyres of the vehicle ahead, plus a little of the road surface.

4. Stay calm

Easier said than done but a relaxed and focused driver is a safe one, and one who is far less likely to spark a potential incident with his or her fellow motorists. Again, by allowing yourself more time to make your journey, you will feel less anxious as a result.

5. Alcohol-free fun

Most of us enjoy a good drink every now and again and it’s even much more pleasurable without the responsibility of driving. Try to switch up the designated driver role as much as possible, so that everyone has their chance to unwind safely.

For more driving tips this winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your nearest Sturgess dealership.

Five dangerous driving habits to break