Buying a new car

A brand new car is a significant financial commitment, so you need peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right car. Follow our tips and you should be able to avoid most ofthe major pitfalls.

Set a budget

It’s important to know what you’ve got to spend and stick to it as closely as possible. Stretching yourself a little could reap benefits in the long run, though. These days, the pricier engines (especially in smaller cars) tend to offer both better performance and improved efficiency, saving you money in both fuel and road tax. The difference in your monthly payments might only be tiny, too.

Share your requirements

Our showroom team aren’t just there to sell; they’re experts who know these cars inside out. Tell us about your family, lifestyle, driving habits, likes and dislikes, and we can help you navigate the huge range of options to pinpoint the right model, engine, trim level and options.

Take an extended test drive

A quick spin around the block will give you an idea of how comfortable the driving position is, but it’s unlikely to give you a complete picture of how the car drives. Schedule an extended test, including a blast down a motorway, a twisty B-road and busy city traffic. If you find yourself getting frustrated by a lack of pulling power or overawed by the performance on offer, try something else.

Ask for a deal

If you don’t ask, you rarely get. You’ll probably have an idea of what to pay and have done your research online in advance, but there may be new offers or special editions available to make things even more tempting.

Walk away

Before committing to anything, take some time to go away and think. It’s a big decision and not one to take lightly, so compare a couple of options and make sure you’re totally happy before taking the plunge.

For more help and advice on choosing your new car, contact your nearest Sturgess outlet and speak to a member of the team.

Buying a new car