Buying a vehicle for business

Choosing a new vehicle as your company car or for business purposes is quite different to choosing your own car, with its own unique challenges. Nine times out of ten it means you’re spending someone else’s money, so selecting thoughtfully is extremely important. Our guide should help you find the perfect model.

1. Inspect the emissions figures

Taxation and pollution are closely linked; in short, the lower the emissions, the more will be left in your pocket. If you’re shopping for a company car, your benefit-in-kind (BIK) obligations will be linked to the amount of CO 2 your exhaust emits per kilometre. Be aware that diesel-powered models attract an additional 3% levy compared to similarly-polluting petrol models.

2. Think of comfort

If the car you’re shopping for is going to spend hours pounding Britain’s motorways each week, or regularly sat bumper-to-bumper in city traffic, comfort is important. We recommend opting for a model with additional lumbar support, a forgiving ride quality, and air conditioning. This should ensure the driver and any passengers arrive at meetings feeling and looking fresh, not frazzled.

3. Choose a desirable car

Some prestige brands and in-demand models may demand a higher list price, but they also retain more of their value as a second-hand model. The difference – the depreciation – is what your finance figure is often based on, so opting for a car with a higher list price will often cost you no more on a monthly basis.

4. Think of your image

Making the right first impression is fundamental in business, and people pay attention to things like your car. Make sure the model you pick reflects the business you’re in. If you’re in the environmental sector, for instance, choosing a low-emissions vehicle will reflect on your business better than turning up in a fuel-hungry performance model.

5. Remember reliability

If your vehicle is fundamental to your business, it needs to run like a Swiss watch. And that means keeping things well looked-after. Choose a brand you trust and ensure your deal includes things like servicing and maintenance so things tick over nicely without the need for repeated trips to the workshop.

For more helpful advice on choosing your next company car, contact Sturgess of Leicester. Our business and fleet experts are on hand to provide impartial guidance on finding the perfect model.

Buying a vehicle for business