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Why buy from us?

As a trusted name in used car sales for over three decades, we at Sturgess Motor Group can be
relied upon to help you find the perfect model at the perfect price. Search our listings online to find out more today.

Buying a used car


When you’re buying a used car, you want the reassurance that you’re buying something that’s going to be reliable and not cost you more in the long term. Follow our buying guide and you shouldn’t put a foot wrong.

Keep an open mind


Spend some time thinking about what kind of car you need. If you’ve a growing family with an active lifestyle, you’ll need something spacious and flexible. All sorts of models could tick all the boxes, not just a particular make and model that you’ve taken a shine to. You could find a bargain by buying from a less well-known brand.

Shop on a clear day


Rain and poor light can conceal all sorts of paint scuffs and scratches. Make sure there’s ample light, the paintwork clear and you’ve got good access all around the car to give it a thorough inspection. Remember to check the tyres visually too.

Look at ongoing costs


Make sure you can afford to run it. All sorts of information is available online that will tell you about fuel economy, the road tax you can expect to pay, servicing costs and reliability. Get a quote from your insurer in advance, as well.

Buy from someone you trust


Your money is important, so don’t do anything that puts it in jeopardy. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and ensure there’s a paper trail with receipts, registration documents and the like.

Ask to see the paperwork


A well cared-for car will typically come with lots of paperwork: evidence of service history, repairs, new parts, MOTs and the like. Check over the most recent MOT report (if it’s over three years old) for advisories as a clue to any future repair bills. If there’s no paperwork at all, walk away.