Suzuki at the Geneva International Motor Show

The 85 th annual Geneva International Motor Show last week saw Suzuki unveil two world-premiere concept models that have both been earmarked for production in the near future – the iK-2 and the iM-4.

Famous around the world for their work in the compact car market, Suzuki has released an entire series of compact cars since manufacturing the Suzuki Suzulight back in 1955, and the two latest concept models represent two different approaches. Both offer exceptional value and put the emphasis on diversity and environmental awareness.

Suzuki iK-2

The iK-2 has been designed under the concept of 'Harmonised Force.' The harmonisation of optimised packaging, a pleasant driving experience, all the latest technology and a sculpted flowing exterior design that ties it all together into the ideal compact car.

All of the design features have been created with this concept in mind. The car's low, wide silhouette is inspired by three key words: “harmony," “elegance" and “energy wave." Instead of using straight rigid lines, the iK-2 has been created to have a number of sporty, flowing curves throughout the body, creating a perfect harmony and conveying class and elegance.

A series of chrome accents on the front grille and headlamps accentuate the level of harmony as they flow seamlessly into the character lines on the side of the body. Meanwhile, the bold, avant-garde front fascia with a wide bumper grille and distinctive LED headlamps provide a hard-nosed, dominating presence.

Thanks to the new generation BOOSTERJET engine the iK-2 is able to deliver a dynamic and efficient driving experience. The BOOSTERJET 1.0-litre direct injection turbo engine was developed by Suzuki with the intention of providing a fuel efficient engine without sacrificing any of the driving pleasure. The fuel efficiency was improved by reducing the level of engine displacement whilst boosting the output and torque with the turbo charger.

The Suzuki iK-2 is expected to be available in 2016 with pricing and full specification to be released closer to the release date.

Suzuki iK-2

Suzuki iM-4

The Suzuki design team operated under the concept of “Shape the Inspiration," and the iM-4 is a personal vehicle that is able to open up new possibilities and new ways of having fun.

A simple, iconic design gives the iM-4 a unique and minimalistic look the body is made up of plain surfaces and straight architectonic lines with a well-rounded roof. The larger tyres and 18-inch wheels give off the impression of a well-supported and well-balanced vehicle whilst hinting at the iM-4's powerful performance.

The iM-4 will be powered by Suzuki's innovative Smart Hybrid Vehicle System that incorporates an integrated starter generator to provide the engine with power assistance by using the motor to achieve efficient power regeneration. The Smart Hybrid Vehicle system uses lithium-ion batteries to power the braking system and coupled with the new lightweight integrated starter generator to regenerate the batteries, the iM-4 will be able to maintain a fantastic fuel economy figure whilst keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.