Vitara with full Hybrid technology now on sale

The Suzuki Vitara has always been electric in looks, practicality and presence. Now, it has become available as a full hybrid, making in one of the most versatile and environmentally friendly SUVs around. In fact, Suzuki offers 100% hybrid as standard across its full passenger car range with the Vitara being one of only two compact SUV competitors to offer 4WD technology as an option.

The Vitara’s name is translated as “way of life” and this is certainly true in all it has to offer, on or off the road. Its rugged good looks have become synonymous with the Suzuki’s styling heritage and the Vitara beholds a strong looking design immediately recognizable by its clamshell bonnet, (a hallmark of Vitara models) which gives the front end a look of solidity whilst the trapezed motif front bumper indicates powerful grip on the ground.

Lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption are yours with a choice two selectable hybrid drive models on the Vitara: Standard or Eco. One switch enables the driver to change between the two modes depending on the road conditions and this increases the frequency of EV driving. Thanks to high tensile steel and other weight- saving measures in its body further aid to keep the Vitara’s CO2 emissions at the absolute lowest they can be. It remains one the lightest SUVs in its class.

Red Suzuki Vitara Front
Red Suzuki Vitara Rear

Suzuki evolved its renowned four- wheel drive technologies into a new generation that delivers pure driving pleasure peace of mind whilst driving in diverse conditions while promoting economy and limiting the burden four- wheel cars place on the environment. Its ALLGRIP ‘Select’ system is available as an option on the SZ5 model and incorporates four driver-selectable modes for a safe, enjoyable driving experience on any surface. This debuted in the S-Cross model and certainly proved very successful.

During its development, the Vitara ALLGRIP system was enhanced by the addition of a feed forward function which allocates torque to the rear wheels before any slippage can occur, in summary, rather than reacting after any grip is lost, it controls the vehicle to prevent loss of grip, thus resulting in greater vehicle stability.Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS) is also included. With DSBS, at vehicle speeds from approximately 3mph to 62mph, if the system determines a risk of collision, it issues both an audio and visual warning.

There is also blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and no less than seven airbags including a driver’s knee airbag.

The fully Hybrid Vitara doesn’t skimp on navigation and Smartphone connectivity and the audio system has a Smartphone Linkage Display Audio, (SLDA) with a large seven -inch touch panel display that enables intuitive operation. This includes a three- dimensional navigation map that makes landmarks easy to distinguish.