Smart Repairs from Sturgess in Leicester

At Sturgess Bodycraft, we offer a number of low cost, effective ways to keep your car looking as good as new and to ensure that any minor damage can be addressed quickly and easily. You may have scuffs to your car from careless drivers, a minor dent from trolleys in supermarket car park or damage to alloy wheels from parallel parking but there's an easy solution available at Sturgess.

Dent Removal

Small dents and dings can appear from time-to-time and are often annoying, as they affect the way your car looks and will have an impact on its resale value. Paintless dent removal is an easy way to remove these irritating imperfections, special rods being used to massage the dents out of affected panels and restore them to their original condition without the need for paint. We use this method to repair dents where the paint surface hasn't been broken by the damage.  

Chip and Scuff Repair

Stone chips and minor damage to paintwork can look unsightly and will, if left untreated, result in rust. Once rust settles in, it can be difficult and costly to remove, so it's best to tackle this type of damage as soon as possible. At Sturgess Bodycraft, we can completely eliminate chips and scuffs to return your car's bodywork to new.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Damage to alloy wheels is common, and often the first place on a car where wear and tear becomes noticeable. Scratches and gouges from kerbs when parking, damage from the UK's potholed roads and general chips and dents from day-to-day driving can be quickly and easily repaired. It can be amazing how a restored set of alloy wheels can lift the appearance of a car - it really is a cost-effective way of keeping your pride and joy looking great.

Upholstery & Leather Repairs

Cigarette burns to seats and small tears in the upholstery of your car can look unsightly. We can repair this damage to the interior and remove scuffs to leather seats.

Vehicle Personalisation & Accessories

We can offer a wide range of personalisation options to make your car as individual as you are. From in-car entertainment systems to new alloy wheels, full bodykit conversions and window tinting, we offer a full customisation service.

Smart Repairs
Smart Repairs
Smart Repairs

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