Low Cost Servicing

At A Price You Can Afford

It’s understandable that, as vehicles age, the servicing requirements differ and evolve. That’s why, at Sturgess Motor Group, we are delighted to be able to provide a number of servicing options that are especially designed for those models that have come out of their warranty period and require careful servicing.

To ensure that our servicing is of the highest calibre and meets the specific needs of your vehicle, we’re pleased to provide three levels of servicing.

Take a look through the various options listed to determine which is suitable for your needs.

Level 1 - Interim Service

From Only £169

1. Check operation of lights 11. Report on tyre tread depth
2. Check washer and wipers 12. Check cooling system
3. Change engine oil 13. Check antifreeze content
4. Fit new sump plug washer 14. Check all drive belts (not cambelts)
5. Fit new engine oil filter 15. Check all fluid levels
6. Check brake pipes and lines 16. Add screen wash and top up fluid
7. Check exhaust system 17. Check and adjust clutch cable free play
8. Check front brake pads 18. Check battery condition
9. Check rear brake pads/shoes & replace hub nuts if fitted 19. Lubricate all locks and hinges
10. Inspect tyres and set pressures
Road Test* To Check Operation Of:
20. Brakes 24. Heating System
21. Steering 25. Check for abnormal noises
22. Suspension 26. Pressure check cooling system
23. Engine & Gearbox

Level 2 - Annual Service

From Only £229

Level 1 Service, plus:
27. Check suspension dampers
28. Check handbrake operation
29. Replace spark plugs (if fitted)**
30. Check and advise on cambelt
31. Fit new air filter & PCV filter if fitted
32. Check and adjust idle speed

Level 3 - Major Service

From Only £299

Level 1 & 2 Service, plus:
33. Renew brake fluid and bleed brakes
34. Fit new fuel filter
35. Check PCV system
36. Check timing
37. Check emissions
38. Replace coolant & bleed system

Plus M.O.T’s are only £29 with your vehicle service

We also offer • Free courtesy loan cars (Subject to availability) • Free collection & delivery service§ • Free exterior wash

† These service options do not replace the recommended vehicle service schedule and are only available on 4-cylinder petrol vehicles of 3 years and older. For diesels, 4 wheel drive & commercials please ask for details. These offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

* A short road test may not reveal intermittent faults.

** Platinum spark plugs replacement at extra cost.

§ Subject to availability.

> Offer applies to Sturgess Motor Group vehicles only