Land Rover Parts in Leicester

Genuine land rover parts are designed, tested and manufactured to deliver optimum performance.

Land Rover genuine alloy wheels

Land Rover genuine wheels offer the perfect balance between strength, durability and safety. The wheels are crafted with the highest quality of aluminium and silicon alloy and each wheel is tested by X-ray to check for even the most microscopic imperfections. Furthermore, the wheels are vigorously tested in a 12-week corrosion test and the Pendulum Impact Test. The examinations analyse the resistance against harmful fluids and test the wheel against strikes against a kerb to identify the weakest and strongest points of the wheel. This extensive testing ensures that Land Rover Genuine Alloy Wheels have the optimum quality and safety.

Land Rover genuine brakes

​Land Rover Genuine Brakes are created to survive any terrain or weather. They have been tried and tested during 12 months of a design, development and testing process.

This AMS Brake Fade test which is used by manufacturers for high performance vehicles entails rapidly accelerating to 60mph and then applying the brakes as hard as possible until the car comes to a stop. This test is repeated 12 times to ensure the vehicle stops in an optimal time frame for ensured safety.

Land Rover genuine exhausts

​Land Rover Genuine Exhausts offer unbeatable fuel economy and performance. They surpass Land Rover’s unique standards and are exposed to over a thousand hours of intense testing to provide the best drive for your Land Rover vehicle.

Land Rover genuine oil filters

By using Land Rover Genuine Oil filters, you can be confident that they are unparalleled to any other oil filter. The quality, fit, durability and function of these filters will provide you with the smoothest of drives and can withstand extreme climate conditions.

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