Keeping safety at the forefront of everything they do, Jaguar and Land Rover announce the introduction of Amazon Alexa to their vehicle portfolio.

Adding to the seamless and luxury driving experience of the brands in question, the incorporation of Amazon Alexa only works to make your journey even more of a thoroughbred experience.

You keep your hands at the wheel, Alexa is always there to assist you while you concentrate on the road ahead.

From asking how much range you’ve got remaining, to ensuring the doors are locked, you can even check on your vehicle wherever you are with the Jaguar and Land Rover Remote Skill for Alexa, (UK and US customers only)4 .

Seamless integration is enabled with the Pivi Pro infotainment system1 in which engineering teams from Jaguar, Land Rover and have worked in close partnership with Amazon to achieve. Furthermore, in addition to Pivi Pro, the Jaguar and Land Rover Remote Skill for Alexa is also available on all respective Jaguar and Land Rover models with the Touch Pro infotainment system1 (UK and US customers only) 4.

Alexa will be made available to more than 200,000 existing owners of compatible Jaguar and Land Rover models with Pivi Pro via software-over-the-air update5.

The ethos is very much “why just have an Alexa Assistant at home when you can also have one on the move?”

Such things as navigation2, media playback, phone calls and the like are entirely possible, as- is managing your calendar, hearing the news, checking the weather and even controlling your smart home devices3 just by asking, all without a phone being required. You can even ask where the nearest coffee shop is, without the need to touch Pivi Pro’s touchscreen.

Jaguar Car Interior

Alex Heslop, Director of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The seamless integration of Amazon Alexa with our Pivi Pro infotainment system gives customers simple, intuitive voice control of regularly used features, making the driving experience even more enjoyable. The fact that we can also offer this new feature to existing customers proves the value of our software-over-the-air updates.”

Christian Mentz, Head of Alexa Automotive international, said: “Customers around the world interact with Alexa billions of times each week, making life easier, more productive and more fun. We’re excited to deliver that same delightful, convenient experience to Jaguar and Land Rover customers – and because Alexa is always getting smarter, new features and capabilities will be added over time and delivered to their vehicles automatically.”

Alexa was first revealed on the New Range Rover and will subsequently be offered across the portfolio of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. More than 200,000 existing owners of models fitted with Pivi Pro will also be able to benefit from the new technology thanks to a software-over-the-air (SOTA) update. The update showcases how Jaguar and Land Rover’s SOTA technology can enable customers to enjoy the latest technology developments without having to visit their retailer.

Set-up is easy: all customers have to do is link Alexa to their InControl6 account by scanning a QR code on the Pivi Pro touchscreen and then follow a few simple steps.

The future is yours with Jaguar and Land Rover.

1 In-car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times. Amazon Alexa is available in specific Markets only, Amazon, Alexa, Amazon Music, Audible and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology.

2 Amazon is always updating the number of media streaming providers that are supported. The following providers have been certified for use: Spotify, Tunein, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, Kindle, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

3 Additional products and setup required for smart home functionality. Alexa-compatible smart home device required.

4 Available in UK and US Markets only. Customers must have an InControl account and InControl Remote subscription.

5 12-month subscription required. Available in connected markets only. Online Pack S specification packs and above. Vehicles must have Pivi Pro infotainment system valid Online Pack subscription and software has to be updated to OS3.0 or later to enable Alexa. Existing vehicles may require multiple updates to get to OS3.0 and for some owners this may require a Retailer visit. Vehicle software has to be updated and ‘activated’ to enable Alexa. User must have a valid Amazon account.

6 Subject to market availability of third party provider platforms and mobile phone signal.