New Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

Introducing the New Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe
NEW JAGUAR F-TYPE COUPE IN LEICESTER Designed by the renowned designer Ian Cullum, Jaguar's first “pure" sportscar since the E-Type of the 1960s offers a winning combination of beauty, refinement and performance. The deserved winner of a string of awards since its launch, including the 2013 World Car Design of the Year, it embodies the stylish design and driving enjoyment associated with the Jaguar marque. Jaguar has now unveiled the much-anticipated F-TYPE Coupe – the hard top version of this incredible car. Even in a segment of the industry boasting any number of aesthetically pleasing vehicles, the F-TYPE Coupe stands out from its contemporaries in the same way that the E-Type did during its 60s heyday. Whilst paying due respect to its distant relative with its long, sleek bonnet and the vertical sweep of its headlights, the car's tapered rear and prominent grille gives it an urgent, modern look. It's as good looking as its convertible brother, with a curving roof and hatchback-style opening resulting in a visually stunning design.
Blue Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Exterior
Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Interior
UNDER THE BONNET Available in three versions, including the F-TYPE R and F-TYPE S offers an astonishing level of performance. Two 3.0 litre V6 units offer a respective 340PS or 380PS, and a monstrous 5.0 litre V8 powerhouse tops the range, with maximum power of 550PS and maximum torque of 680Nm. Needless to say, models fitted with the latter engine deliver a truly exhilarating level of performance – achieving 0-62mph in just four seconds. Both 3.0 litre powertrains, while less powerful, are only around a second slower to the same speed – and also provide notable fuel efficiency, with combined fuel economy over 30mpg and carbon emissions of 205g/km (for the 340PS unit) and 213g/km (for the more powerful 380PS).
POWER All this power, moreover, is easy to keep in check, thanks to a smooth eight-speed Quickshift automatic transmission, a firm sports suspension, and hugely responsive steering feedback. Along with its finely crafted interior and array of interior technology, this makes the F-TYPE Coupe an unmissable opportunity for sportscar enthusiasts. We offer a range of Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe finance solutions to our customers. Contact the staff at our Leicester dealership for further information about Jaguar's newest high-performance vehicle.
Silver Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Exterior