How to Top Up Your Car's Screen Wash

Topping up your vehicle's screen wash may be one of the simplest maintenance tasks you can perform, but it is an important one. This fluid helps keep the windscreen completely clear so you have full visibility and can therefore drive safely.

Follow these steps and you will be able to fill up your vehicle's screen wash reservoir in moments.

  • Lift the bonnet and locate the washer bottle. The vehicle handbook should show you exactly where it's positioned, and the cap is typically marked with a picture of a windscreen being sprayed with water.
  • Lift the cap and pour in enough washer fluid to reach the maximum level.
  • Close the cap, shut the bonnet and you're ready to drive.

What else should I remember?

Generally, you should check the washer fluid level every fortnight, or weekly during the winter when you typically use more fluid. During the colder months it's also important to use a product designed for winter, to prevent the tank from freezing. If little or no washer fluid comes out of the nozzles on the bonnet when you expect, check them for trapped dirt and other blockages.

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