How to Change a Windscreen Wiper Blade

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, careful attention should be paid to the windscreen and its wipers to make sure you have full visibility in all conditions. Over time windscreen wipers can deteriorate however, making it harder to remove water, dirt and oil from your line of sight. Below we explain in four simple steps how to replace a wiper blade yourself.

1. Check which blade needs changing

On most cars the two wiper blades are different lengths, so you need to first check which needs replacing if only one has deteriorated. You can then head to any motoring shop to purchase the correct item, and they are generally affordable.

2. Put the blades in the correct position

When it's time to fit the replacement wiper, it's easier if the current blades are facing upwards towards the roof of the car. To get them there, put the key in the ignition and switch the wipers on, before turning the ignition off when they are facing upwards.

3. Removing the old blade

Most modern cars include 'U hook' type wipers, which refers to the way they're attached. To remove the blade, turn it so it's at a right angle to the wiper arm before finding and pressing the securing clip and pulling the blade firmly downwards. If you're vehicle doesn't use the U hook arrangement, directions on how to replace wiper blades should be included in the owner's manual.

4. Fitting the new blade

To attach the new blade, hold it at a right angle to the wiper arm and feed this into the space in the blade's arm, until the securing clip clicks. Certain products will come with a number of adaptors to suit different wiper arms, so make sure you match the new adaptor with the old one. Next, simply return the arm to its original position, being careful to lower it slowly down onto the glass.

If you need help fitting a new windscreen wiper blade, the experts at Sturgess Motor Group will be happy to help. For this and more, please enquire with your nearest marque site directly.