How to Change a Car Wheel

Punctures can occur unexpectedly, so knowing how to replace a damaged tyre with the spare is an important part of vehicle ownership.

1. Park in a suitable place

Changing a tyre on the hard shoulder of a motorway or the side of the road is highly dangerous, so where possible, pull over well away from traffic. If this isn't possible, it's sensible to call your breakdown provider for professional help.

2. Prepare the car

Once you've stopped in a suitable place, switch off the engine, put the vehicle in first gear and switch on the hazard lights. Next, take the jack, wrench and spare wheel from the boot. Place the spare where it can easily be reached once the flat has been removed.

3. Removing the wheel

Now you're ready to remove the tyre and fit the replacement. With the spare wheel and jack close to hand, locate the lifting point closest to the wheel that needs replacing. This point is usually marked on the skirt of the body.Set the jack at the correct lifting point, making sure the head engages correctly before extending the jack to lift the vehicle on its springs.

  • With the vehicle slightly lifted on its springs, loosen the wheel nuts using the wrench. Continue to lift the vehicle clear of the ground and remove the loosened wheel nuts. Leave the top wheel nut until last, securing the wheel with your knee while screwing it off completely.
  • 4. Fitting the new wheel
  • 5. Remember…

To fit the new wheel you basically repeat the above steps in reverse. Slide it onto the axle, fit the top nut first before all others and hand tighten them until the wheel is secure. Then lower the vehicle until it is touching the ground, before tightening the nuts with the wrench in a diagonal sequence.

Some spare wheels are only intended for temporary use, and may be limited to a certain speed. It should therefore be replaced with a normal tyre as soon as possible. Sturgess Motor Group can help with this, and you can enquire with any of our aftersales sites online today to book a visit. We stock tyres from the industry's leading names, and all are available at competitive prices.