Driving in Europe

Being fully prepared for each journey is an important part of motoring, and this is especially true when driving in a different country. There's plenty to think about when it comes to planning your next trip by road in Europe, and we outline the most essential considerations below.

Know the laws first

Crossing borders means encountering changing road laws which you need to understand fully to ensure you don't break them. For example, did you know that drivers in France must now carry a self-test breathalyser? Speed limits also differ between nations, and although they are usually displayed when entering a country there may not be reminders during your travels.

The AA provides helpful information on driving rules across the Continent, so be sure to read up on your destination before setting off.

Carry the right documents

Wherever you go you may be asked to produce your documents, which should be easy to access and organised to help you avoid disruption to your travels. Check you have the following before you leave and keep them in a separate folder.

  • Valid full driving licence
  • Driving licence paper counterpart if you don't have a photocard licence
  • An International Driving Permit where required
  • The original vehicle registration document (V5c)
  • Certificate of motor insurance
  • Passport
  • Travel insurance documents

Don't forget your Euros

Toll roads are more common across Europe when compared to the UK, and you may encounter them unexpectedly. Be sure to carry plenty of coins, as not all nations will feature cashless tolls. It's also sensible to research toll routes when planning your journey as the cost could be higher than you first thought.

Remember tunnel safety

You may also encounter onger tunnels during your tour of Europe, and knowing how to drive in them properly - plus what to do in an emergency - will help you to stay safe. Most tunnels should include emergency telephones and exits for use in the event of an accident or fire, and you should prepare before entering one to reduce the chance of encountering either. For comprehensive guidance from the AA on safe motoring in a tunnel, please

click here .

For more expert advice on motoring in Europe, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at your nearest Sturgess dealership.