Environmental Products We Supply at Sturgess

Being a motor retailer, we naturally realise that our business activities increase Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere and therefore we actively strive to educate our customers to reduce their footprint on the environment. The franchise partners we work with also all recognise the importance of the impact they have on the environment and are constantly reviewing their product ranges to reduce the impact of Co2 emissions with updated model and engine choices.
• Each new car displayed in our showrooms has a colour coded fuel efficiency rating shown alongside. The rating, which goes from A to G demonstrates to the customer that the lower the rating, the lower the Co2 emission, and therefore the lower the associated road tax on the vehicle.
• A similar scheme is also offered on our Used Car Selection with our point of sale displays clearly showing Co2 emissions, miles per gallon and associated road tax band.
• We actively assist business customers in demonstrating the potential emissions and running costs associated with their company car choice.
• We also offer to customers the option to offset their Co2 emissions to help balance the emissions created by driving through Co2 offset programmes available. As standard products have a Co2 offset programme in place which offsets the emissions created for 3 years from date of registration. Other customers are encouraged to visit the ClimateCare website where an online calculator will help them calculate their burden on the environment, giving them the option to make themselves carbon zero should they wish.
• We publicise both electronically and online a series of driving tips to help customers drive in a more careful and responsible way. It is important that our customers recognise that they can also be a safer driver and at the same time cut exhaust emissions, save fuel, and at the same time save money at the fuel pump.