Sturgess Energy and Water Resource Management

All our premises consist broadly of office spaces, showrooms and workshops and are under constant review for states of repair and maintenance, and to establish what impacts they might have on the environment at any given time. All consequential improvements ensure thermal capabilities of all premises.

We work on a principle of “what gets monitored can be managed”

Therefore we have in operation:

• An intelligent metering (automatic meter reading) system is installed at our Almond Road premises which has shown to substantially reduce consumption. This system will be rolled out to our other premises during the 2012 financial year which will assist our decrease in usage. Until then utilities are monitored quarterly to establish any usage trends and to look for responsible ways to decrease usage.

• Energy efficient lighting and ECA lighting is installed during any refurbishment projects which reduce energy consumption.

• Energy saving bulbs and long life bulbs are used wherever possible

• Plug in timer sockets on all suitable electrical equipment are used where appropriate

• We have embarked on a programme of improvement and replacement of all premises heating and ventilation systems. These have been upgraded to the latest ECA compliant systems.

• All computer equipment is set to maximise on the power saving settings available

• High pressure water and steam cleaners are used for their more efficient use of mains water for cleaning purposes

• Trigger operated hoses are also in use to prevent wasted water

• All toilets have a dual flush system, and urinals use a motion sensor to control the frequency of urinal flushing only triggering when movement is sensed.

• Water usage in kitchens areas are minimised with dishwasher installed in high traffic areas.