How to Check Your Car's Tyre Tread

Your vehicle's tyres are one of its most important features, as they play a major role in performance and safety. You should therefore regularly check the tread to make sure your vehicle remains roadworthy and legal, and with the tips below it's straightforward to do so.

1. Assess your car's tyres

Firstly, you should make sure it's easy and safe to assess your car's tyres. Park on a flat surface away from the road and switch the engine off, making sure the handbrake is on, too. Now, you can safely move around the car to make the tyre inspection.

2. Measure the tread

To measure the tread you'll need a tyre tread depth gauge, which should be on sale at any motoring store. You simply place the device in one of the tread grooves and read the figure.

In the UK, tyre law states that the minimum tread depth is 1.6 millimetres across the central three-quarters of the pattern and around the entire circumference. However, for safe performance it is recommended that worn tyres are replaced before the limit is reached, particularly during the wetter periods of the year when roads become more slippery.

If in doubt, contact the experts

If you aren't confident checking the tread of your vehicle's tyres, or are unsure if you've measured accurately, it makes sense to contact the experts. With Sturgess Motor Group you can visit any of our marque dealerships for professional guidance from skilled technicians. If you find that your tyres need replacing we also offer a complete purchasing and fitting service which promises efficient timings and competitive prices. Enquire with your nearest site for more information.