Fiat Brake Fluid Change in Leicester

When was the last time you had the brake fluid changed in your car? If you have to rack your brains to answer this, it’s probably about time that you booked your car in for an appointment with the technicians at Sturgess Motor Group.

Why is brake fluid important?

Brake fluid controls the transition between you pressing the brake pedal and the wheels stopping.

What happens if it is not changed?

Put simply, if your brake fluid is insufficient you will not be able to stop at the optimum distance and speed, making you more susceptible to collisions. As brake fluid deteriorates over time, it is essential that it is changed regularly.

Why does it deteriorate?

Many people do not realise that for brake fluid to function properly, it needs to boil at the correct temperature without vaporising. As the fluid has hygroscopic properties, it can absorb moisture over time which affects its boiling ability, in turn causing it to fail when the pedals are pressed firmly.

How often should it be changed?

It’s generally recommended that you change the brake fluid at least every two years. Though, we advise that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the make and model of your car which can be found in your vehicle handbook.

Having your brake fluid changed

To have your brake fluid changed, book your car in for an appointment with the fully-trained and specialist technicians at Sturgess Motor Group. They will drain the old fluid and refill it to the correct specification for the exact make and model of your car. We will also safely dispose of the old fluid in a way that is friendly to the environment.

Every driver should be able to rely on their brakes to keep them safe while on the road. By changing your brake fluid regularly, you can prevent an accident before it happens.

Enquire online today to book an appointment for your car with the Sturgess Motor Group team in Leicester, or call us for further information.