Waste Management at Sturgess Motor Group

Due to the nature of the business’ main activities, we recognise that we are a high waste producer so work with a number of waste handlers to ensure that the waste generated is handled in a manner that is less impactful on the environment.

Of the 6 sites that the Company operates in the City and County of Leicester, each has a Service Manager who is responsible for the day to day production and safe disposal of waste. Their relationship with the waste handlers ensures that the waste is removed from our sites regularly, responsibly and with the minimum of disruption.

The waste generated is categorised into the following sections and is handled by the named, accredited waste specialists:

General Waste
This comprises cardboard, office waste, non-ferrous waste. This aspect is handled by Bakers Waste www.bakerswaste.co.uk

Scrap metal
This comprises metallic automotive waste such as brake components, exhausts components, scrap wheels, body panels. This is handled by Bakers Waste www.bakerswaste.co.uk

Paint & Solvent
Paint waste and solutions are removed from site by Safety Kleen www.safetykleen.eu

Waste oil and fluids, batteries, bumpers and plastic body components
This covers waste engine oil, contaminated fuel, brake fluids, paint thinners and anti freeze. Also handled are plastic vehicle body components such as bumpers, light assemblies, door mirrors etc. Redundant car batteries and contaminated components like oil filters, fuel filters, workshop cleaning materials, hand gloves. These are all handled by Oakwood Group www.oakwoodfuels.co.uk.

Old, worn or damaged tyres are handled by a tyre specialist. The tyres are shredded so all the metal within the tyre can be removed. The rubber is then further pulped and ultimately made into insulation materials or for use in equestrian schools and stabling. This duty is cared for by Melton Mowbray Tyre Recycling Ltd www.meltonmowbraytyrerecycling.com.

Write-off and end of life vehicles
If a vehicle is subject to a total loss insurance claim, it becomes the property of the insurance company involved and they assume responsibility for the disposal of that vehicle. Any other vehicle that is to enter the End of Life-Vehicle (ELV) process is handled by a local provider, the End of Life Centre www.endoflifecentre.co.uk

Waste/redundant IT equipment
Any waste, broken or redundant IT equipment is disposed of in accordance to the current WEEE regulations.