Sturgess Staff Engagement, Technology and Communication

It is our aim to be a destination employer with a long term goal of inspiring and rewarding our people to deliver outstanding customer service, reflecting the core values of both Sturgess and our respective manufacturers. To this end, we actively engage employees and regularly review our business practices to minimize the impact on the environment.

The areas this covers are:

  • Use electronic communications both internally and to customers, reducing consumption of paper
  • Where possible, use teleconferencing / video conferencing facilities to avoid unnecessary meetings and save time
  • Allow selected members of staff to work from home avoiding the need to travel or to heat/light offices
  • Recycle waste paper, plastics, glass, aluminium cans, printer cartridges, kitchen waste and electronic equipment
  • Encourage the use of public transport where available
  • Lift share to events, meetings, commuting etc to reduce fuel consumption
  • Regularly service and maintain company vehicles to ensure fuel efficiency, using the most Co2 efficient vehicles for the purpose
  • Operate plug in timer sockets wherever possible on electrical equipment
  • Promotion of “Smarter Travel Leicester”, which offers sustainable travel initiatives.
  • Encourage staff to use heat/water/light in an responsible manner
  • Encourage staff to be CarbonZero