Corporate Social Responsibility of Sturgess Motor Group

Our suppliers are carefully chosen to reflect our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
• Wherever possible we use local suppliers and contractors as much as possible. This helps to support our community and reduces the energy wasted and carbon emissions from deliveries.
• We examine our suppliers and contractors employment, health and safety and environmental practices to ensure that their CSR policies are in line with our own.
• Our suppliers and contractors are treated fairly, particularly smaller businesses that rely on us.
• All chemicals used are biodegradeable and non corrosive
• Suppliers and contractors environmental and health & safety instructions (COSHH Regulations) are closely adhered to and only those suppliers with whom we have confidence in their products are used.
• Wherever possible sustainable products are sourced where feasible, eg recycled, FSC or low environmental impact products.
• We use energy suppliers with renewable energy sources We greatly value the contribution that all our employees offer to the business. This directs us to make sure we engage our employees to share our vision of responsible representation of our business.
• Our business employs just under 200 people, most of whom live in and around Leicester. This assists in reducing commuting time and the associated carbon footprint.
• We actively keep all staff informed of the progress of the business and the challenges that lie ahead.
• All staff are remunerated at levels above the national minimum wage.
• All staff are encouraged to join affiliated, money saving websites, therefore helping to reduce their cost of living.
• Due to the nature of our business, we encourage all employees to be respectful of where our operations are located and ensure the minimum of disruption to our neighbours.
• We actively support local and regional charities and encourage staff members to participate in charitable money raising activities.