BYD Seal DM-i Rear Shot
Projecting a Greater Light The double U-shaped lights of the BYD SEAL U DM-i headlights incorporate staggered light clusters that cast a powerful beam, ensuring clearer visibility and a safer drive. Meanwhile, the rear of the BYD SEAL U exudes sophistication, boasting a continuous taillight designed in a refined waterdrops matrix pattern.
BYD Seal DM-i Front Shot
Ocean Inspired Design The BYD SEAL U DM-i applies captivating design philosophy to the SUV market by combining the oceanic aesthetics of BYD design with futuristic touches, resulting in a striking car for eco-conscious families.
BYD Seal DM-i Interior
BYD Intelligent Cockpit With navigation as standard and a range of apps, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the BYD SEAL U's 4G connection system brings an ultra-smart driving experience with leading infotainment together with intelligent voice control. Featuring Over The Air (OTA) updates, you'll always enjoy the latest technological advancements.
BYD Seal DM-i Lifestyle
Charge Your Life Thanks to Vehicle To Load (VTL) technology, your BYD SEAL U DM-i can be transformed into a mobile power bank, meaning your household electrical devices can be plugged directly into the vehicle. Enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities in your electric SUV, from powering electrical barbecues, creating an outdoor cinema, or simply powering computers and games consoles — the BYD SEAL U DM-i has active family life covered.
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BYD Seal DM-i Irear seat
Spacious Interior The interior of the BYD SEAL U conveys a sense of the future, reflected in the vehicle's floating centre console. With its double-layer storage compartment, the elegant design exudes modernity and comfort whilst also serving a practical purpose.
BYD Seal DM-i Blade Battery
Electric Plug Incorporating The Renowned BYD Blade Battery The SEAL-U DM-i uses dual motor technology mating a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine to an electric motor to give it an emission-free range of up to 50 miles and a combined range of 671 miles. The electric hybrid system uses a Blade Battery and comes with AC/DC charging that allows the car to be recharged from 30 to 80 percent in 35 minutes on a DC facility.
BYD Seal DM-i Keyless entry
Control at Your Fingertips Control at Your Fingertips The BYD SEAL U DM-i offers the convenience of NFC keyless entry using a card or iPhone. Whether hot or cold, prepare for the journey ahead through the remote control of air conditioning before you even step outside.
BYD Seal DM-i 8 in 1
8 in 1 Powertrain Meet the word’s first mass-produced 8-in-1 electric powertrain. The BYD SEAL U DM-i's all-electric powertrain consists of a Vehicle Control Unit, a Battery Management System, a Motor Control Unit, a Power Distribution Unit, a DC-DC controller, an on-board charger, a drive motor and single-gear transmission. These separate elements are expertly blended to create a single, highly-efficient unit.
    Advanced Driving Assistance Systems The BYD SEAL U DM-i features an advanced driving assistance system to help keep you vigilant and safe on your journey:

    Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
    Our Blind Spot Detection will alert you when a vehicle is approaching quickly in the blind spot outside rear view mirrors.

    Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)
    Our ICC system integrates ACC and Lane centering control (LCC). It helps control the vehicle both longitudinally and transversely at speeds between 0 and 120km/h to reduce the driving burden and provide a safe and comfortable driving environment.

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) and Rear Cross Traffic Brake (RCTB)
    When reversing, the rear-angle millimetre-wave radar monitors other road users approaching the rear of the vehicle in real time, either issuing a warning sound of applying the brakes in the event of a possible collision.
    High Efficiency Heat Pump System As Standard The BYD SEAL U DM-i features an advanced energy-saving heat pump system as standard. Reliably operating in a broad range of temperatures, the system is designed to highly utilise residual heat from surroundings, the powertrain, passenger compartment, and even the batteries. It enhances the thermal efficiency and reduces energy loss whether heating or cooling. Therefore, the low-temperature driving range is increased.
    BYD Seal DM-i

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