Refreshing design and new features: introducing the new i10 and i10 N Line

The onset of Spring always signals the chance of fresh, new beginnings and that is certainly true of Hyundai’s iconic i10 and i10 N Line models.

The original i10 launched in 2019 and, whilst many of its reliability and practicality features obviously remain, it has been given a whole new and exciting change to entice its customers.

Part of the updates to the i10 and i10 N Line see added connectivity features, comfort elements and technologies that are usually only seen in higher segments, making them even more competitive vehicles in their class.

Smart technology gets smarter, looks get bolder and more unique and, if you prefer a sportier approach, Hyundai’s i10 N Line ticks all the boxes.

The outside of the new i10 boasts a sportier stance with a bolder feeling thanks to its low roof and long wheelbase.

Inside, the model features blue mood lamps in the front seats. A new colour package, the Purple Package, brings a sense of playfulness to the car’s sporty exterior design. It offers tartan fabric seats with vertical purple lines as well as purple touches in the stitching and air vents. Grey touchpoints with a purple sheen add extra style.

Seamless connectivity features not only make the new i10 more technologically advanced, but they also make the in-car experience more convenient. The model also comes as standard with more Hyundai Smart Sense safety features. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) for ‘City’, ‘Interurban’, and ‘Pedestrian’ has also been expanded to include ‘Cyclist’. FCA helps detect and avoid potential accidents with obstacles ahead. Lane Following Assist (LFA) uses steering control to help the car stay in the current lane of travel, whilst Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) reminds the driver with a message in the cluster if the rear door had to opened during the journey – to prevent anyone or anything in the rear seat from being left behind.

The i10 N Line has design features inspired by motorsport, resulting in a very sporty statement, enabling you to take it to a new level with the option of a powerful 100 PS engine. It’s dynamic and assertive from every angle, with Its exterior design enhancements including a redesigned grille and bumpers, giving it a dynamic look reminiscent of the ground-breaking i30 N. The exclusive 16-inch alloy wheels and LED Daytime running lights highlighting its distinctive design whilst emphasising the car’s sporty attitude.

Hyundai’s i-range – comprising of i10, i20 and i30 – has been a success story for the company in Europe. As three of the brand’s most popular models, the i-range has always been synonymous for quality, reliability and practicality, supporting its diverse customer base in their everyday lives.

Production of the new i10 is planned to begin in April 2023 at Hyundai’s production plant, with the first units expected to arrive on European roads in the second half of the year.