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New Volvo S90

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New Volvo S90 in Leicester​

The new Volvo S90 is Volvo’s entry ticket to the premium sedan segment with its cutting-edge features, efficient and powerful engine and sophisticated styling.

Detail and Styling

The new Volvo S90 brings a completely refreshed look to the brand exuding elegance inside and out. Outside, the side profile reveals an extremely short front overhang, whilst delivering an overall confident expression.

Inside the cabin cues have been taken from the XC90, with extensive use of natural materials. Centred in the dashboard is the intelligent infotainment screen, which incorporates satellite navigation and audio, along with controls for several of the car’s systems, including heating and ventilation. Engineered for high-end luxury the new Volvo S90 promises an experience that is comfortable and controlled.

New Volvo S90
New Volvo S90
New Volvo S90 Nav
Technology and Safety

Other XC90 technologies will feature on the S90, this includes the Advanced Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving function, which keeps the car aligned properly within lane marking at speeds of up to 80mph – perfect for motorway driving.

The S90 also introduces a world-first large animal detection safety feature. This innovative system can detect large animals such as elk, horses and moose during the day or night, and either warns the driver or provides brake support if required.In addition, the new model has been fitted with Volvo’s recent highly advanced chassis simulator to provide a more responsive, rewarding and enjoyable ride.

Engine and Transmission

The S90 will also offer a clean and powerful T8 Twin Engine plug-in-hybrid engine which aims to deliver high efficiency and responsiveness as well as providing a first-class driving experience.

PowerPulse technology has also been launched within the S90. This innovative system delivers instant turbo response in diesel engines offering a distinct performance feel that cannot be achieved in other diesel variants. Volvo is currently the only brand currently using this technology in production cars giving the S90 even more edge.

An eight-speed transmission is available in the new S90 and allows the engine’s torque and power band to be utilised more efficiently, while the six-speed manual gearbox also on offer will provide smooth gear changes and high fuel efficiency.

The all-wheel drive option of the Volvo S90 has a very practical type of four-wheel drive system.Thanks to its compact and lightweight abilities the S90 is able to allocate the engine’s power between the front and rear wheels.Not stopping there, the clever system continually computes the need for torque to the rear wheels and can instantaneously redistribute up to half of the engines torque to the rear wheels if required.


New Volvo S90 360° View