Volvo Essential Service Offer in Leicester

If your Volvo is over 4 years old, why not take advantage of the Sturgess Volvo Essential Service.

At just £145 , Including Complementary 12 months Volvo Assistance cover worth £119, that’s mean in case of a breakdown, you get help around the clock. Whether it’s fixing a flat tyre or providing onward transport solutions (Terms & Conditions apply) while the car is being repaired. Available for every model in the Volvo range, the Volvo Essential Service is the low-cost alternative to standard servicing for older Volvo cars. But even though it's cheaper, you'll still receive the same peace of mind you would with a full service - and that means the same levels of expertise from our Volvo technicians, the same tailor-made methods and the same genuine Volvo parts.

The Essential Service is designed so essential parts are only serviced when they are likely to need it - this results in a quicker, more efficient service which means less cost for you.

So what exactly is covered?


  • Inspection of front and rear brake linage
  • Inspection of front and rear brake hoses
  • Inspection of brake line
  • Adjustment of parking brake shoes and lever


  • Leakage / attachments check
  • Oil and filter replacement (Diesels: drain filter under bonnet)

Drive line:

  • Leakage inspection
  • Drive shaft / joints check
  • Inspection of gaiter driveshaft

Suspension / Steering:

  • Inspection of front suspension and steering

Fuel System:

  • Inspection of fuel line


  • Inspection of Battery


  • Inspect tyre tread and depth and pressures


  • Model specific checks according to individual service sheet

To book please call 0116 416 1083