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New Volvo S90

New Volvo S90 targets premium car top spot

The long-awaited S90 has been revealed by Volvo and aims to shake up the premium sedan segment with its cutting-edge features, efficient and powerful engine and sophisticated styling.


The new Volvo S90 brings a completely new look to the Volvo brand, making it a worthy competitor for the premium Sedan club. Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Car group spoke about the styling of the new model, for the Exterior, he mentioned that the brand wanted to “deliver a visual expression that exudes leadership and confidence”, while inside they have taken the S90 to “the next level, delivering a high-end luxury experience that promises comfort and control.”

Technology and Safety

Maintaining their premium offering the new Volvo S90 doesn’t disappoint with its host of new technologies and safety features. An advanced Pilot Assist driving feature can be found on the new S90 which provides gentle steering inputs to keep the car properly aligned within lane markings.

The S90 also introduces a world-first large animal detection safety feature. This smart system is capable of detecting large animals such as elk, horses or moose at night or day. To help avoid a collision, the technology emits an intuitive warning and brake support if required. In addition, the new model has benefitted from Volvo’s recent highly advanced chassis simulator.

Engine and transmission

The S90 will also come with a clean and powerful T8 Twin Engine plug-in-hybrid powertrain. Like all Volvo cars, the technology behind the engine is focused on delivering ultimate efficiency and responsiveness as well as providing an exceptional driving experience.

An eight-speed transmission is offered in the new S90 and allows the engine’s torque and power band to be utilised more efficiently. A new generation six-speed manual gearbox is also available offering smooth gear changes and high fuel efficiency.

The all-wheel drive variants of the Volvo S90 have a very resourceful type of four-wheel drive system. With its compact and lightweight abilities the S90 is able to distribute the engine’s power between the front and rear wheels. However, the system continually computes the need for torque to the rear wheels and can instantly redistribute up to 50% of the engines torque to the rear wheels if necessary.

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