Buy Tyres for Your Suzuki in Leicester

Sturgess Suzuki has established itself as a leading car dealership in Leicestershire and the Sturgess name has been trusted for over 110 years. So you can be assured that when you buy your new tyres from Sturgess Suzuki you'll benefit from excellent customer service and the highest quality products.

Your tyres are a vital part of your car so you must look after them and change them when necessary. As the only four points of contact between you and the road, it's vital that they are in perfect, healthy condition. We advise our customers to check tyre pressures monthly and always before making long journeys. It's also important to check the tyre tread depths at the same time. If you are in any doubt about the health of your tyres, seek the advice of a trained tyre expert at Sturgess Suzuki.

Regularly checking your tyres means that you will not miss the warning signs indicating you need to change them. You should change your tyres straight away if the tyre shows signs of aging if you get a puncture or when your tyres are worn down to the legal limit of wear of 1.6mm. This is especially important in the winter months when the road conditions will have a great effect on the wear and tear of your tyres, and when your tyres need to perform at their very best to keep you safe.

Sturgess Suzuki is here to help you choose the right tyres when you do need to change them. There are three main things to keep in mind when buying your tyres:

  • the speed rating your Suzuki tyres should have depends on your average speed;
  • the local and/or regional weather patterns might mean that two sets of tyres are required for different road conditions; and
  • the overall quality of the tyre (durability, wear, ratings, cost) is determined by your Suzuki model.

Sturgess Suzuki can also help with other decisions about your new tyres. For example, if you want a larger tyre, there are other things that need to be taken into account. When larger tyres are fitted the width and profile must be reduced in order to avoid any damage to the drivetrain. Sturgess Suzuki will calculate this for you to make these decisions simpler.

At Sturgess Suzuki we are happy to check the tyres on your vehicle when you visit our dealership in Leicestershire. Alternatively, you can call our friendly and supportive sales team for impartial advice and to place an order. Our experienced team of Suzuki sales staff will be happy to offer all the assistance you need. Contact Sturgess Suzuki in Leicester to find out more about buying and maintaining your tyres.