MINI Top Ten Tips

Mini owners love their Minis. It is an obvious point to make, but at Mini4Leics we know that if something goes wrong with your car, there is a light on the dash or an unfamiliar noise, it can cause stress levels to rise. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 common problems that occur with Minis that can be fixed here at Mini4Leics, but in the meantime, put your mind to rest.

1) Steering. Until your Mini has fully warmed up you may find that the power steering is heavy. If however the steering comes and goes, you may need a new power steering pump which can be fitted at Mini4Leics

2) Air Bag Dash Light. It’s quite common in earlier Minis to find that the Air Bag light appears on the dash, this is due to an electrical fault caused by the pressure of the driver in the seat. Simply bring your Mini to Mini4Leics and we can sort out that little problem.

3) Gearbox Noise. Despite incredible German engineering, if your gearbox is wearing out you will not escape the sound of a diesel tractor unless you have the problem fixed. Bring your Mini to Mini4Leics and we’ll replace the gearbox with a new or used quality part.

4) Clutch Problems. There two problems that occur with clutches in Minis. The first is if the clutch is feeling heaving during use, you will need a new clutch, the second is if the clutch whines, the release baring has gone. Get down to Mini4Leics and we will sort out a new clutch for you.

5) Leaking water. If you’re finding water leaks under your parked Mini, it may be the radiator or head gasket. Even though its only water, it’s worth bringing your car to Mini4Leics so we can check it over and prevent any further problems

6) Braking Issues. The more you drive the more you will have to change your brake discs and pads. It’s just one of those things that go with owning and driving a car. Fortunately, Mini4Leics can offer you new BMW compatible parts at a much lower price.

7) Seating. After a while you may notice that your seats do not return to the upright position, this is fine if there is just the driver using the car but if you do need to access the back seats you may be looking at a new seat base.

8) Exhausts. These are the most commonly replaced part on a Mini or any car, along with brakes and tyres. As long as you have your Mini serviced every year, any exhaust problems can be spotted early and fixed in a jiffy.

9) ABS Dash Lights. The ABS lights can sometimes flicker on and off on the dashboard of your Mini, this could be one of two things, the Automatic Braking System need to be checked, or the wire that delivers this information could have corroded near the ABS pump. Either way, if its distracting you, bring it down to Mini4Leics for a detailed check.

10) Water Leaks into the Boot. If you’ve found a small pond in the boot, not to worry, this is a common complaint but can be fixed quite quickly by replacing the rubber seal around the rear lamp.

The 10 tips for Mini owners is not compiled to put you off owning and driving a mini, it’s simply a guide to help you put your mind at ease if any items off the list did happen. If in any doubt at all about a problem with your Mini, simply bring it to Mini4Leics on Cropston Road, Anstey and our expert team will happily take a look.

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