Smart Cars Remapping Services

Technology is incredible. At Smart4Leics, we use state of the art equipment, machinery and computers to enhance the performance of your Smart Car through our Remapping service.

Remapping is a way of changing elements of your vehicles on board computer. This can increase the performance of the car, giving it more torque and in some case improving fuel consumption.

Smart4Leics will perform a full health check on your Smart car and decipher your driving needs, then we can remap and tune your Smart accordingly.

Our entry-level remap includes better performance and a smoother gear change. If you are looking for more power, we can tailor a remap and tune to your needs.

If you desire increased power and better fuel economy, bring your Smart to the experts for Remapping services at Smart4Leics.

Smart4Leics can provide Remapping services for the following Smart models:

  • SMART car coupe; diesel and petrol
  • SMART car Cabrio; diesel and petrol
  • SMART Fortwo; Brabus
  • SMART City-Coupe; Smart & Pure, Smart & Passion, Pure
  • SMART ForFour; Passion & Pulse