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Are you up to speed about the upcoming MOT changes?

May 20th 2018 marks a significant shake up to MOT testing throughout the UK. Adhering to a new EU directive, known as the European Union Roadworthiness Package, the current system of fails and advisories will be replaced by a three category defect scheme. The strict regulations will see any vehicle fault ranked as either Dangerous, Major or Minor and those that fall into the Dangerous category will be subject to an automatic fail. Plus, there will be tougher emission tests, particularly for diesel cars. Read on to find out about what is changing and how Sturgess can keep you well equipped to tackle the new criteria with minimum hassle.

What you need to know…

From May 20th onwards, vehicles will be assessed on defects falling into three categories; Minor, Major and Dangerous. Cars with minor defects will be allowed to pass their MOT (with faults being recorded on their MOT certificate and online record), whereas cars deemed to be in possession of Dangerous or Major Defects, will face automatic failure. These categories aim to optimise driver safety and eliminate unnecessary risk for motorists on the road.

Assessors will be paying close attention to numerous factors, including reverse lights functionality, how worn your vehicle’s brake discs are and the condition of your car’s steering. For example, a steering box leaking oil would receive a Minor fault, but one that was found to be physically dripping, would constitute a Major defect and immediate MOT failure.

Diesel cars will face closer scrutiny in the updated MOT check. Any vehicle fitted with a diesel particle filter (DPF) found to produce “visible smoke of any colour’” will be failed instantly. Testers will also be examining Diesel models for any evidence of removed or altered DPF’s, automatically refusing to test any car in which the “DPF canister has clearly been cut open and re-welded.’’ Owners will be able to override this refusal, if able to prove that the adjustment was “for legitimate reasons such as filter cleaning”, but testers have been instructed to be extremely strict in this department.

Emission testing is also toughening up, with an increased focus on lowering the limits for diesel cars.

Be prepared for the MOT changes with Sturgess

With such a radical overhaul in testing criteria, the MOT of the future might seem a little daunting. However, with over 120 years in the business and a team of expertly trained specialists, Sturgess of Leicester is well equipped to help you take on the newly revised test with minimal stress. So, when you’re due your MOT test, get in touch and we’ll arrange your appointment.

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