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Jeep Renegade Motability Offers on Motability
Model Advance Payment Weekly Payment
Renegade 1.0 120hp Night Eagle (MY21)NIL£0.00
Renegade 1.0 120hp Limited (MY21)£995£0.00
Renegade 1.0 120hp Longitude (MY21) £1,345 £0.00
Renegade 1.3 150hp Longitude DDCT Auto (MY21) £1,945 £0.00
Renegade 1.3 150hp Night Eagle DDCT Auto (MY21) £1,295 £0.00
Renegade 1.3 150hp Limited DDCT Auto (MY21) £1,995 £0.00
Renegade 1.3 150hp S DDCT Auto £1,895 £0.00
Renegade 1.3 180hp S Auto 4x4 £2,945 £0.00
Renegade 1.0 120hp 80th Anniversary £2,145 £0.00
Renegade 1.3 150hp 80th Anniversary DDCT Auto £2,745 £0.00
Model Advance Payment Weekly Payment
Renegade 4xe PHEV 1.3 190hp Longitude Auto 4x4 £9,995 £0.00
Renegade 4xe PHEV 1.3 190hp Limited Auto 4x4 £6,995 £0.00
Renegade 4xe PHEV 1.3 240hp Trailhawk Auto 4x4 £6,995 £0.00
Interested in this Offer? The Jeep Renegade models are now available on the Motability Scheme at Sturgess Leicester. The Jeep Renegade range is available from only £495 Advance Payment.
Find Out More About The Jeep Renegade? Being mobile is an important part for any disabled person and their family or carer. We are proud to contribute to their mobility and independence by supplying thousands of cars every year through the Motability Scheme. Available with low advance payments you can choose from a variety of Jeep Renegade specifications. When you get behind the wheel of the new Jeep Renegade, you’ll feel prepared for everyday adventures. This compact SUV may be small, yet is boasts impressive 4x4 capabilities that will get you where you need to go – whatever the terrain. A rugged shape combined with a determined grille bolster your on-road presence. Find Out More


    • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
    • Two Named Drivers
    • Full service, maintenance and repair
    • Breakdown Assitance (RAC)
    • Plus adaptations, if required, with many at no extra cost
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