Land Rover Nav System

The Land Rover that Never Forgets

The advanced tracking app Tile has been given an upgrade and integrated into the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport. This advanced app communicates with items that have been attached to bluetooth tags. These send out the items location and allow the app to keep track of them.

It's estimated that the average person spends 15 minutes a day looking for “lost” items. The app eliminates this wasted time by alerting users to items that are tagged but not in the car. It will even provide directions to the item if it's required.

Land Rover's Director of Connected Technologies & Apps, Peter Virk said: “Losing your wallet or leaving your child's sports kit behind isn't just an inconvenience. The realisation you've mislaid something important can be a cause of distraction. Our unique partnership with Tile means customers can check the status of tagged items using Discovery Sport's touchscreen, so forgotten items will be a thing of the past."

The app can keep a list of “essential” items that the will always be checked on startup. If items are lost and are inside the vehicle, an alarm on the tag can be activated to help find it.

In addition to this app, the whole infotainment system has been given an upgrade. Gone are the physical buttons around a small screen which has been replaced by a 10.2-inch touchscreen that replicates the interface from a smartphone.