All-New Range Rover Sport Inspires Innovative Media Collaboration with Sky Media

You know the story………famous actor in leading role, always has his trusty, high-performance vehicle as his side-kick.

Now there’s a vehicle so bespoke and powerful in its presence that it commands itself as the leading role.

The all-new Range Rover Sport. The third generation of Land Rover’s luxury performance SUV is the most desirable, technologically advanced and capable yet, mixing an imposing road presence with instinctive driving responses using the most advanced combination of chassis technologies ever fitted to a Land Rover.

Truly the epitome of sporting luxury.

Making its global premier with a dramatic world-first, the all-new Range rover Sport features as the star player in an innovative Media Collaboration with Sky Media seeing it take on one of Mother Nature’s most powerful forces. The 7- minute cliffhanger will aptly be titled ’Spillway’ after a flooded dam in Iceland.

This powerful content demanded an innovative campaign partner to bring it to the world, with Sky Media accepting the challenge by creating a bespoke, multichannel simulcast, the first of its kind for a brand film premiere with a UK broadcaster.

Land Rover Interior Seats

The film will simulcast across Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League channels tomorrow ahead of the hugely anticipated  Spurs v Arsenal game. In addition, a high-impact 30” TVC using Sky Media’s “shoppable” QR capability will promote Spillway during the half-time break, followed by another opportunity to see it immediately after Sky’s football show.

The epic will showcase the new Range Rover Sport resisting the surging torrent of water flowing down the ramp of the Karahnjukar Dam – the biggest of its kind in the world – at a rate of 750 tonnes per minute.

The spillway climb was the final obstacle on the drive from the valley floor to the summit of the dam, taking in a flooded riverbed, long steep tunnels and the 40-degree rocky dam wall itself. 

Official James Bond stunt driver Jessica Hawkins was behind the wheel as the New Range Rover Sport demonstrated its grip, traction, performance and composure. 

Hawkins said: “The power of the water surging down the spillway was breath-taking from the side of the valley. Driving into it knowing that a 90-meter drop was waiting behind me at the bottom of the slope, if things went wrong, made this the most challenging drive I have ever undertaken. Despite the steep slope and rushing water, the New Range Rover Sport made it look easy. Its traction, composure and commanding visibility inspired so much confidence I was able to enjoy the whole experience.”

Anthony Bradbury, Marketing Director, Jaguar Land Rover UK said: “The launch of a new model like the iconic Range Rover Sport is a pivotal moment for Land Rover so we took this opportunity to take stock and look at its launch campaign with a fresh perspective. We wanted to create a moment that was as powerful and inventive as the new car, one that talks directly to our discerning customers.”

The New Range Rover Sport is based on Land Rover’s advanced, flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex), which provides the perfect foundations for its superior dynamics and peerless refinement. Its line-up of powerful and efficient powertrains includes two six-cylinder extended range Electric Hybrid plug-ins, which provide a pure-electric driving range of up to 113km (70 miles) and CO2 emissions as low 18g/km1.

Dramatic proportions accentuate the Range Rover Sport’s emotive design with taut surfacing, a dynamic stance and instantly recognisable profile, giving the impression the vehicle is poised and ready. 

A new Stormer Handling Pack provides the ultimate combination of chassis technologies for the most dynamic and agile handling and includes Dynamic Response Pro, All-Wheel Steering, an Electronic Active Differential with torque Vectoring by Braking, and Configurable Programmes. 

Dynamic Response Pro is a 48-volt electronic active roll control system, capable of applying up to 1,400Nm of torque across each axle for a confidence-inspiring driving experience and new levels of body control and cornering composure, while All-Wheel Steering helps achieve unrivalled agility and manoeuvrability at low speeds, with superior stability at high speeds.

Dynamic Air Suspension introduces switchable-volume air springs for the first time and is fitted to every New Range Rover Sport. The intelligent system enhances the bandwidth of the suspension by varying the pressure within the airbags to deliver traditional Range Rover comfort with the dynamic handling expected from the Range Rover Sport. To optimise responses, the vehicle monitors the road ahead using eHorizon navigation data to pre-emptively prime the vehicle for upcoming bends.

The mind carries you half the way, the New Range Rover Sport takes you all the way.

Red Range Rover Exterior