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TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY Every Range Rover for the model year 2017 comes with rear parking distance controls and cruise control with speed limiter helping you to relax safely on every journey. The lane departure warning has been improved with Lane Keep Assist which gently steers you back into place if you start to veer on the motorway. A sensor system called Blind Spot Assist is also added to keep you informed of any hazards not covered by your mirrors. These two features are part of the optional Drive and Drive Pro packs. You’ll find enhanced infotainment, too, with InControl Touch Pro. The navigation has been improved with a commute mode that recognises frequently-used routes and keeps you updated on the best course based on live traffic information. It can connect to your smartphone and share your arrival time and current location with whoever you select it to. Every new technological advancement is added on top of the features you get in the 2016 model, so you can still enjoy the convenience you’re used to.

* Performance and Fuel Economy based on Range Rover Standard Wheelbase - Vogue