Remanufactured Jeep Spare Parts in Leicester

As well as offering original Jeep parts we also offer remanufactured parts as even when they've worked hard and carried you for many miles, your car parts are still precious.

The parts are remanufactured by using original components which can be created to offer a product with a performance equivalent to that of a new vehicle, using a certified and genuine process known as remanufacture. The components are reprocessed by service centres to restore them to the usage conditions and performance levels of a new product.

Remanufactured Jeep Spare Parts

Mopar remanufactured parts offer many advantages such as:

Original quality

Parts remanufactured by Mopar are produced in a highly structured process:

  • All components are removed from the vehicle casing
  • All removed components are cleaned and their functionality is checked
  • Specific processing of components or replacement with new components
  • Refitting of the complete assembly
  • Final product testing, preceded by intermediate testing where necessary


Remanufacturing parts restores the functions of a used component, saving raw materials and energy, and limiting the production of carbon dioxide and waste.
The benefits for the environment are also increased by ensuring that all reusable components are recovered.


Recovering components destined to become waste is a less demanding production process compared to the cost of producing a new component, which in turn translates into a more attractive sales price.
Mopar Remanufactured parts allow you to save up to 50% compared to the corresponding new parts.

A complete range

Mopar's srange of Remanufactured Parts spans from engines to manual gearboxes, from turbochargers to smaller specific components such as injectors and air flow meters.

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