Original Jeep Parts in Leicester

To ensure the smooth running of your Jeep, only those who manufactured your car can truly maintain your vehicle to the same high standards as the day it left the factory. If and when it comes to your car needed new parts, spare parts provided by Mopar® are designed to ensure reliability, comfort and performance to your car, keeping your Jeep 100% Jeep.

Mopar® spare parts are the tangible result of commitment to research and development, of applied technologies that are ever more innovative and able to offer the quality and efficiency that the customer deserves.

From Brake Pads to spark plugs, all spare parts needed during the ownership of your vehicle will ensure the smooth running of your Jeep and having true Jeep components may assist in the selling of your car if you decide to choose a different model or upgrade.

Our expertly trained Jeep technicians at our Sturgess Service centre are also on hand to install the parts correctly in your vehicle when required.

Jeep Professional Parts
Jeep Professional Parts
Jeep Professional Parts
Jeep Professional Parts
Genuine Jeep Parts Description
Brakes The brakes, shock absorbers and tyres make up what is known as the safety triangle: their efficiency guarantees the optimum braking time, distance and trajectory. It is important that these are serviced and check to ensure maximum driving safety.
The main components are: the brake pedal, the pump, the pipes and brake fluid, the pads, disks or brake shoes and drums for drum brakes.
Lightbulbs Light bulbs are designed and manufactured according to UNECE standards to ensure easy replacement. If and when any of the bulbs need replacing, they must function in a way which ensures your vehicle's lighting system will continue to satisfy legal requirements.
Battery Original batteries by Mopar® are designed to offer optimum electrical integration: an efficient and balanced system conceived in line with the specific characteristics of your Jeep.
Filters There are a range of different types of filters that are designed to protect you, your car and the environment.
A few different types of filters are the passenger compartment filter, air filter and oil filter.
  • The passenger compartment filter offers protection against dust and other pollution that could enter your car through the heating or air conditioning systems.
  • The air filter prevents engine wear caused by dust and eliminates noise.
The oil filter purifies the engine oil constantly.
Suspension Shock Absorbers
The suspension system is made up of:
  • Dampers
  • Springs
  • Wishbones
  • Wheel bearings
  • CV joints
  • Tyres
Lighting The headlights are the main component of the car's lighting system, and one of the basic element of safety features. Other Lighting areas include your tail lights and indicator's.
Wipers They clear away water, snow, pollen and dust, ensuring an optimal view at any driving speed and any weather condition.
Spark Plugs Spark plugs and glow plugs work so your ignition is always reliable and ready to respond.
Body The body is one of the biggest safety features. It guarantees maximum security and protection for you and your passengers.
Tyres Having control over your car is directly affected by having the highest standard of tyres. Our range of genuine tyres offer maximum performance of your vehicle as well as providing safety.
Climate Control System Climate control improves the air quality in your vehicle and assists in demisting, creating increased visibility and safety within your car.
Timing The timing is one of a set of components that regulate the passage of air-fuel and combustible gas mixture.
There are two types: With a toothed belt (in rubber) and with a chain (with rollers).
Clutch The clutch is a transmission component that is in-between the engine and the gearbox that lets you engage gears and stay put when stationary.
Thermal System Your car’s thermal system has the job of regulating the engine temperature.
Rear View Mirrors Rear view mirrors have evolved drastically and now offer an array of functions.
For example, temperature sensors, glass heaters, electric lowering, directional signal integration, position memory

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