Jeep Tyres in Leicester

At Sturgess Jeep we provide a wide range of tyres to fit all Jeep models. Now in our 120th year, we have continued to be a trusted motoring brand and continue to be the leading car dealership in Leicestershire. With this in mind, you can be assured that when you purchase Jeep Tyres like any other of our products that they are of the highest quality and that we'll always offer the most competitive value for money.

Here at Sturgess Jeep as well as our standard tyres we also provide weather prepared tyres, to offer you the very best of protection all year round. These include:

Summer Tyres:

Our Jeep summer tyres, deliver excellent performance and high grip in the dry. In heavy rain, snow, or particularly cold temperatures, this type of tyre does not offer the same performance as it does in the dry. Performance drops on cold road surfaces (below 7°C): at 25 mph, stopping distance doubles on a snow covered road.

Winter Tyres:

These guarantee excellent performance in winter weather because their structure and tread pattern favour the rapid expulsion of water, preventing aquaplaning and offering better traction. Winter tyres offer far shorter stopping distances on snow or ice-covered roads: on a cold asphalt surface, winter tyres reduce stopping distance from 50 mph by about 8 metres under emergency braking. Various European countries have introduced legislation obliging motorists to equip their vehicles properly for the winter. This legislation also requires the fitting of winter tyres.

Four Season Tyres:

Designed for use in all weather conditions, they guarantee standard performance on any type of road, at any temperature.

Regularly check the Tyre pressure on your Jeep:

Regularly checking your tyres ensures that you will quickly notice the warning signs that let you know they need replacing. You should check the pressure of your tyres monthly and before making a long journey and it is advisable to check the tyre tread depths at the same time to ensure they provide enough grip on the road. Consider new tyres if you notice signs of ageing, if you get a puncture or if your tyres have worn down to the legal limit of wear of 1.6mm. In the winter months it is even more necessary to check your tyres because the cold weather demands more from them in the shape of more challenging driving conditions and increased wear and tear.

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