All-New Jeep Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid Introducing the All-New Jeep Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid
All-New Jeep Compass 4XE PHEV Jeep® Compass evolves but remains true to its unmistakable style. The new range features a front with unprecedented lines, new headlights and boldly designed rims. Unmistakable and unique styling details such as the new chrome 4xe badge on the tailgate surrounded by the iconic blue profile of the 4xe world. The alloy wheels of the new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid enhances and compliments the exterior for a sophisticated design. Thanks to Hands Free Power Liftgate * technology, the tailgate of the new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid can be opened and closed without using your hands. The detection sensors located under the rear bumper are activated with a simple movement of the foot.
Interior Comfort New interior with a clean and contemporary design where comfort, space, and technology each play an essential role. The new Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid is the first Jeep ® SUV to feature the exclusive new digital instrument cluster. The 26 cm (10.25 ") digital display with Full HD resolution has an active surface of 244 x 91 mm. The bold lines and premium materials of the new dashboard on the Jeep® Compass add an extra touch of elegance and comfort. While new air intakes with Nappa leather finish, introduced in the Limited version, underline the refined character of this compact SUV. New Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid allows you to choose up to three different driving modes: Hybrid , which uses both engines, Electric , which uses only the electric motor, reducing CO2 emissions to zero , and E-Save , which maintains the charge level of the battery increasing the effectiveness of autonomous charging systems.
Engine & Performance The new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid delivers improved performance with a combined power of 190 or 240hp, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph in hybrid mode. The 4xe plug-in hybrid technology seamlessly combines two powers - an electric and a combustion engine to deliver that legendary Jeep® drive. Drive up to 30 miles in electric only mode. The new Jeep® Compass 4xe plug-in hybrid combines performance, power and handling thanks to the comfort provided by the 6-speed automatic transmission. The new transmission guarantees better responsiveness and faster acceleration. The automatic gearbox is smoother, more pleasant in town and essential off-road. The new Jeep® Compass 4xe plug-in hybrid has a high towing capacity of up to 1250kg, ideal for dynamic lifestyles. It can pull a trailer tent, a trailer carrying a small boat, a motorcycle, or a snowmobile.
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