AdBlue For Your Jaguar


From 2016 model year, all Jaguar diesel models feature AdBlue® emissions reduction technology. These new generation Jaguar diesels reduce Nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 90%, in addition to being fuel efficient yet powerful.

How does AdBlue® work?

AdBlue® solution is contained in a reservoir within the vehicle. As the vehicle is driven, tiny amounts of the solution are injected into the exhaust system - this breaks down Nitrogen oxide emissions into water vapour and harmless nitrogen gas. Your driving experience is not affected in any way.

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How long does AdBlue® last?

Typically a litre of AdBlue® solution lasts around 10,000 miles, so for most drivers a refill will be needed roughly once a year. Your Jaguar's message centre will warn your AdBlue® level is low with ample time to organise a refill.

For further peace of mind, you may also like to pick up a 1.89 litre non-drip AdBlue® top-up bottle from us. The Jaguar sales or service teams will be happy to show you the location of your Jaguar's AdBlue® reservoir.

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AdBlue For Your Jaguar

AdBlue® checklist:

  • Only use genuine Jaguar AdBlue® refills – commercial vehicle AdBlue® pumps at fuel stations may damage your Jaguar's reservoir or cause spillage.
  • Your Jaguar message centre will inform you when to refill. Don't leave it until empty; your vehicle will not then start until you refill.
  • If you have any questions about AdBlue®, please contact us.
  • AdBlue® is the registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA)

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    It’s important that your Jaguar’s supply of DEF is maintained, as EU legislation means that you cannot start the engine without it. Your car’s message centre will give you advance warning when your DEF level is low and will alert you in plenty of time to book a refill. Your local Land Rover Retailer/Authorised Repairer will also refill the tank in addition to scheduled maintenance upon request, or if top up is required for your vehicle. Please note: additional charges may be applicable. Please refer to your Owner's Handbook for more information.


    The message centre displays a series of messages when the DEF level becomes low.

    1. The first message states that the DEF level is at a level where a top up is advised.

    2. The second message is accompanied by an AMBER warning icon and states to refill the DEF tank.

    3. The third message starts a countdown of the distance remaining until the DEF tank is empty, after which the vehicle will fail to start.

    4. The final message is accompanied by a RED warning icon and is displayed when the distance remaining is zero and states that no further restarts will be possible until DEF is added to the tank.

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