How much is a Jaguar XF?

Due to hit the showrooms in autumn of this year, the new Jaguar XF promises better technology, stronger engines and a smoother drive. Prices start at £32,300, but how much steel and aluminium do you get for your money?

The New Jaguar XF

The second in Jaguar’s line-up, the XF combines the sporty drive of the XE with the luxury of the XJ. Jaguar affectionately names it a business saloon, perhaps as a hint to its consumer market, but it does undoubtedly have a professional look, and feel.

One of the most identifiable modifications to the XF is the Aluminium Intensive Architecture. Because of the use of aluminium across the whole of the XF’s body, it is beautifully lightweight. Not only does it power along smoothly and responsively, it also has reduced CO2 emissions of as little as 104g/km on the automatic variant. This means that you could get 68.9mpg from the XF. Friendly on the environment and your wallet, it’s little wonder that it’s set to appeal to businesses.

Exhaustingly long drives for meetings and tiresome daily commutes are a thing of the past with the new XF. A number of additional features make it a calmer drive. Traffic Sign Recognition captures the signs you pass and reminds you of the road’s limitations with a handy symbol on your display. Lane Keep Assist warns you if you are veering off the road and gently steers you back to where you should be. Then there’s the All Surface Progress Control which will help you to stay in control of the car on wet and slippery roads. An extra 24mm of knee space in the back means you can take clients and passengers with you without compromising on comfort.

New Jaguar XF Interior

Whichever trim level you choose, you can travel across the country with satellite navigation and your choice of music, and without losing connection to your colleagues or loved ones back home. Thanks to InControl Touch, an eight-inch touchscreen with swipe controls, you can do all this at barely even the touch of a button. Depending on how flash you want the XF to be, you can opt to add head-up display, reverse parking sensors and a 12.3-inch Virtual Instrument Display.

All but the S trim level have 2.0-litre engines, in a choice of 161and 178bhp. Starting at the lower end of the spectrum, the 161bhp goes from 0-60mph in approximately 8.2 seconds and has a top speed of 132mph. The 178bhp version, however, takes just 7.5 seconds to get from 0-60mph and can achieve a maximum speed of 143mph. With its 3.0L V6 296bhp and 375bhp engines, the S is even faster.

How much is a new Jaguar XF?

Depending on which model of Jaguar XF you choose you can expect to spend between £32,300 and £49,950.

At Sturgess, there are a number of finance options to make driving your ideal Jaguar XF more affordable. You can pay a deposit followed by monthly payments, either to purchase the car or as a lease agreement. We offer the flexibility you need to get the car you want within your budget. Opt for a lower deposits and higher payments, or vice versa, and choose how long you want the contract to run for. View the finance options we have on the Jaguar XF online and phone the Sturgess dealership to test drive your choice.

To make the XF even more tempting, we often run promotions. Have a look through our deals online and contact us to find out more. 

​Pricing and Specification Table

​2.0L 4-Cylinder 161bhp Diesel RWD Manual​£32,300​£34,200​£36,400
​2.0L 4-Cylinder 161bhp Diesel RWD Automatic​£34,050​£35,950​£38,150
​2.0L 4-Cylinder 178bhp Diesel RWD Manual​£32,800​£35,100​£37,300
​2.0L 4-Cylinder 178bhp Diesel RWD Automatic​£34,550​£36,850​£39,050
​2.0L 4-Cylinder 178bhp Diesel AWD Automatic​£36,350​£38,650​£40,850
​3.0L V6 296bhp Diesel RWD Automatic​£49,995
​3.0L V6 375bhp Petrol RWD Automatic​£49,995

How much is the Jaguar XF Prestige?

At the lower end of the spectrum, you can sit behind the wheel of the Prestige for a starting cost of £32,300. Be enveloped by Taurus leather seats and surrounded by atmospheric mood lighting. You can personalise the interior of the Prestige so it suits your tastes, making it as sporty or elegant as you wish. Traffic Sign Recognition and Speed Limiter displays make long drives much easier to manage, while the InControl Touch brings you all the entertainment you need.

How much is the Jaguar XF Sport?

For sports car aficionados, the Jaguar XF Sport is the perfect balance between a professional business car and an indulgent engineering masterpiece. It has a sportier body than the Prestige, with a sports bumper, body colour side sills and a rear spoiler. Inside, you’re spoiled with sports-inspired seats that hug your body as you cruise along. If you opt for the 180PS RWD engine, you also get advanced sports suspension for a slicker and more athletic ride. Prices for the Jaguar XF R-Sport start at £34,200. 

Jaguar XF Headlamp
Jaguar XF Wheel
Jaguar XF Wheel

How much is the Jaguar Portfolio?

The most luxurious in the range is the Portfolio with prices starting at £36,400. If you are looking for a deluxe interior with additional gadgets, the Jaguar Portfolio is the cream of the crop. With front parking aids and a reverse park camera, keyless entry and Meridian 380W Sound System as standard, it is geared for a relaxing drive even before luxurious options are added.

How much is the new Jaguar XF R-Sport?

For a truly sporty experience, there’s the Jaguar XF R-Sport, coming it at £49,995 for the standard variant. 19-inch alloy wheels, a sport front bumper, boot mounted spoiler and sports seats are some of the design features that make the experience all the more athletic. All of these complement the 3.0L V6 296bhp and 375bhp engines, which are only available on this trim level. Taking you from 0-60mph in a fearsome 5.0 seconds and reaching top speeds of 155mph, the 3.0L V6 375bhp engine is one of the most powerful on the market today.

Have a look through the new XF models on offer through Sturgess and get in touch to book a test drive by filling in the online enquiry form.

What is the average cost of a used Jaguar XF?

First launched in 2007, the XF has seen many alterations and additions to make it the refined sports car is today. Having been in production for some years now, there are lots of Approved Used models for sale, all in varying ages, trim levels and specifications, and of course, cost.

The average cost of a used Jaguar XF is approximately £12,000. This is likely to afford you an XF produced in 2011. Those produced from 2014 upwards cost nearer the £30,000 mark.

Take a look through the used Jaguar models we are currently selling online and enquire using the online form to book a test drive.

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