Jaguar F-PACE

A one of a kid Jaguar F-PACE has raised £102,500 at auction.

The car was personally specified Ian Callum, Director of Jaguar.

The car was auctioned at the annual Ben Ball. Ben is a vital lifeline, with its sole purpose to help improve the health and wellbeing of those in the automotive industry and their families.

This “Designer Edition” of the F-PACE, described as the “Director's Cut”, comes in Storm Grey paint in addition to the Black Pack. As this is a special edition, this F-PACE also comes with 22 inch Double Helix wheels which are not available as a standard option.

The winner of the F-PACE also received a owner portfolio which features words from Ian Callum and a one-off sketch of the F-PACE signed by Ian Callum.

The F-PACE was a real pleasure to design, and the result is something we are incredibly proud of, but this ‘Designer Edition’ is in essence my ultimate F-PACE. You’ve got this wonderful positioning of the Storm Grey paint against the details of the Black Pack, complete with those wonderful 22-inch wheels that look like they’re taking the car forwards, even at a standstill.