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New Jaguar XF Interior The Touch infotainment system is XF's hub for connectivity, control and entertainment. Its 8’’ Touchscreen with intuitive touch and swipe controls, provide you with full command over a wealth of features including audio, climate and navigation. Further enhancing Touch, Connect gives you the ability to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using your car’s antenna. Other features include a multi-function app that allows you to monitor and interact with XF from your smartphone*.​ Advancing XF’s technology to the next level, the optional Touch Pro provides a 10.2” Touchscreen with fast response times and includes features such as natural dialogue voice control, 10GB of onboard dedicated media storage and an all-new navigation system, with 2D or 3D maps, and a predictive navigation function. ​ Explore the interior of the new Stelvio for yourself, by clicking on the 360° button.

* Performance and Fuel Consumption based on XF Prestige 2.0L 4-Cylinder 163PS Diesel RWD Manual